Stoneface Films Podcast

If you haven’t yet experienced the Stoneface Films podcast and are a fan of intellectual football, absurdity and geeky pursuits then you’re in for a treat.

What is this nonsense?

The podcast features a trio of regulars:

Each episode brings a new guest or two to the table to riff and improvise along with the lads.


Be ready with your questions on Twitter every Friday when the podcast crew sits down to record the following week’s episodes. Pose questions that set up a this vs. that scenario, delve into moral conundrums, or simply ask their  opinion about something in pop culture. Go for it!

The Sainsbury’s Car Park Invitational 2015 Season One, saw competitors that included Buzz Aldrin, a cave man, Hillary Clinton, soil creep and Russell Crowe engage in hypothetical combat to the bitter end.

New themes and games evolve, like the text-based adventure A Town Called Courage or listener-supplied Star Wars Mad Libs. And, no matter what might be on the schedule, the conversation has the potential to go off in surprising directions.

Season 2

Davey, Rob and Jon kicked off January with Season 2, Episode 00 Prologue.

Today the lads released Season 2, Episode 1 to kick off another round of madness. Give it a listen.

New episodes are released every Tuesday and Thursday. Get all the details on how to subscribe in Stitcher and iTunes, listen to the show and check the show notes on


Home for a holiday last August, Hozier joined his brother Jon (the other Hozier), Davey and Rob to record two one-hour long episodes of the Stoneface Films podcast. Check out Episode 23 and Episode 24 to find out who’s on (Andrew) Hozier’s T.S. Dream Team. 




In A Week: January 16, 2016
Happy Tour-niversary Lorraine!

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