Happy Tour-niversary Lorraine!

This week marks one year since Lorraine Barnes made her very first appearance on backing vocals with Hozier, on an Italian TV show, no less! (Click through for full video.)


Lorraine’s first live show with Hozier was one year ago today (21 January, 2015) at the 02 Academy in Oxford. Here’s her first stage introduction – too bad she’s not in the shot!

Ah…. that’s better. Here’s her smiling self in the stage intro from Columbia, MD. (June)

A Year on the Road

Let’s have a look back at some of the highlights from the last year on the road with Lolo.

First selfie with Rachael and Mia in Milan (January)

Milan, Italy with some beauties. @miafitz_music

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Performing at the Grammy Awards (February)

With Annie Lennox at the Grammys. (February)

Snow in Chicago. (February)

Practicing Alana’s Northern Irish accent in San Francisco. (April)

Coachella in front of 90,000. (April)

Performing at the Billboard Music Awards. (May)

Da band. #hozier #bbmas

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Playing dress-up with Mia and David Guetta at the BBMA after party. (May)

Carousel joy in North Carolina. (June)

This is how riding on the carousel made me feel in North Carolina today ☺️😊😊

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Tour bus dancing with Rory, Alana and Rachael. (June)

At Glastonbury with Lionel Ritchie. (June)

Sharing a happy moment with Rachael on stage in Pittsburgh. (July)

Having fun at rehearsals after their holidays. (August)

So much sass from Lolo at rehearsals today 👌🏻#sassy #wassy #rehearsal

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This video has the rare perspective of actually having Lorraine Barnes and Rachael Lampa clearly in the shot for its length, giving us the opportunity to watch her work, uninterrupted. (August)

The band that slides together stays together. City Museum St. Louis. (September)

Dancing in Mexico City. (September)

And then later, being guilty of eating too many tacos.

Then, sometimes Lorraine is just too cool for school. (September)

VH1 Big in Music Awards (November)

With Harry Styles  & Mia at BBC Music Awards (December)

And full-circle: Today, before the gig in Luxembourg. (21 January, 2016)

A restaurant in Luxembourg named in my honour ☺️☺️☺️

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Take a bow Lorraine! The tour wouldn’t have been the same without your smiling, dancing and singing wonderful self! (Edinburgh/January 2016)

Bonus: The Infamous Night of the Cornrows

What do you do when boredom takes hold on a long overnight bus ride from Brussels to London? You give Hozier and the rest of the band cornrows, of course! (November)

It is done. Look upon our 'rows and despair.

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#TBT January 21, 2016
  1. I get that being on tour is a lot of work – but it sure looks like a lot of F U N ! Lorraine is talented, beautiful and I gather a lot of fun!

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