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News from Wyvern Lingo, Alana Henderson, Loah, Alex Ryan, Saint Sister, and BARQ.  January 1 to 25, 2018.

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Wyvern Lingo

Wyvern Lingo has gone into overdrive since the beginning of the year with a flurry of activity as they ramp up to release their first album on February 23.

Their latest single, Maybe It’s My Nature, was released on January 12 and will be the last song to be released before their album is out. It coincided with a gig at the University of London.

The inner artwork was done by Caoimhe Barry.

You can pre-order the album and get all 5 previously released tracks right away. There are also vinyl, CD, and T-shirt merch packs available for pre-order.

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The album launch party at The Button Factory on February 23 is now sold out. And, the band have announced their biggest gig yet at The Academy on September 28.


The trio from Bray has started a podcast to take us track-by-track through their new album, and it’s great! Episode 1 has snippets from early demos, takes on remixes, lyric analyses, back-stories, and banter making this a fun and insightful spin around the inner-workings of I Love You Sadie.


Wyvern Lingo posted their cover of Drake’s Passionfruit that they recorded at RTÉ a few months back to their Facebook page.

Alana Henderson

Alana released her live performance video of Let This Remain on January 25. Shot in the Belfast Telegraph Building before it was transformed into a performance space, it premiered on the music blog, The Thin Air. The single and music video for Let This Remain were released last November.


Loah’s latest single, Unveiled, was released on January 23. It’s the third single from her EP, This Heart and was directed by Ellius Grace, who has also worked with Wyvern Lingo.

Loah will be appearing in Imagining Ireland: 21st Century Song (see Saint Sister, below). After a very busy December, she’s off to write this month.  And, if you have access to RTÉ Player, check out her performance of The Bailey on Tommy Tiernan.

Alex Ryan

For almost 3 years, we’ve waited for Alex to take delivery of his custom Skjold Designs bass. He finally received it in November and recently he posted a great video demo of what his new bass can do.

Saint Sister

Saint Sister posted a picture to their Instagram story on Jan 22 of a recording studio and captioned it, “new single comin’ your way”. Perhaps the series of photos they’ve been posting to their Twitter are clues.

The duo will be appearing as part of the Imagining Ireland: 21st Century Song performance at the National Concert Hall, Dublin, on February 3. The show was also recently announced for The Barbican in London on March 5. The lineup also includes Paul Noonan (Bell X1), Lisa Hannigan, Seamus Fogarty, Brian Deady, Loah, Mango & Mathman, Stephen James Smith, Maria Kelly, J. Colleran and Crash Ensemble String Quartet.

According to The Irish Times, their album will be released after the summer.


Golden Plec named BARQ to their Top 10 Irish Live Acts of 2017.

BARQ also launched their “Friends With Benefits” mailing list. Sign up to get the word on BARQ happenings.

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