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Today, The Great Escape Festival highlighted Hozier as one of their successful previous artists. To commemorate his previous appearance, TGE put Hozier in the spotlight with an interview and a live question and answer session on Twitter.


TGE Q&A: Hozier


Twitter Q&A: Hozier


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Little Green Cars performing Them at CMJ 2012:



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Flashback to 2014

Hozier performed at The Great Escape Festival in Brighton, England on May 8, 2014.

The Great Escape Festival was the first performance with Alana Henderson and most of Hozier’s crew, who would stay on until the end of the tour almost two years later.

Other familiar faces in The Great Escape’s line-up that year included two of Hozier’s support acts, James Bay and George Ezra, and his fellow countryman Gavin James.

Here’s a review from 2014 of Hozier’s gig at The Great Escape.   The Wave: [Live Review] Hozier – The Great Escape – Brighton 7/05/2014

Worth queueing for… @hozier in the #spiegeltent on the first night of #TGE14 #Brighton

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Hozier #TGE14

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Sick of these guys following me around everywhere. Weirdos. #TGE14

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While at The Great Escape Festival, Hozier did a live session for Gigwise where he recorded this fantastic version of Cherry Wine.


We think Cookie Monster is an excellent match for a musician with a sweet-tooth. After all, Cookie Monster is known for his musical prowess. Sing along!

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Featured photo: The Great Escape

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