Introducing Raven

Hozier is often recognized for the number of guitars he uses in his live set, which in turn, inspired our name. We celebrate those beautiful instruments by welcoming them to his guitar family and giving them a name.

(Updated with new photos and specs below.)

New Guitar in Berlin

Performing his eighth-last show of this tour in Berlin on 19 February, Hozier brought a new guitar to the stage on Like Real People Do.

The newest member of the family is a custom Danelectro double cutaway ’59 reissue in high-gloss black with a “new” ’56 lipstick pickup. It’s been fitted with a National-style biscuit bridge resonator.

Update: Specs as per Danelectro

  • ’59 DC Shorthorn shape hollow body
  • Diamond plate cover
  • Scale length: 25″
  • Number of frets: 21
  • Neck finish: clear satin
  • ’56 Lipstick® neck pickup
  • Piezo pickup mounted in cone
  • 1 master volume
  • 1 master tone
  • 1 blend pot (Lipstick® or Piezo or both in center)

Here’s Like Real People Do in Vienna on 25 February for a longer look.

Introducing Raven

We’ve named the new custom Danelectro ’59 resonator, Raven.

“To have a raven’s knowledge” is an Irish proverb meaning to have a seer’s supernatural powers. Source

Ravens were the favorite bird of the god Lludd, the Celtic god of artists and artisans. He was said to have two ravens to attend to all of his needs (similar to Odin and his ravens). Source

In Greek mythology, ravens are associated with Apollo, the god of prophecy. They are said to be a symbol of good luck, and were the god’s messengers in the mortal world. Source

The Raven peeps forth from the mists of time and the thickets of mythology, as a bird of slaughter, a storm bird, a sun and fire bird, a messenger, an oracular figure and a craftsman or culture hero. Source

Update: According to this source, the name Byrne originated from one that means Raven.

Raven Joins Danny McSizzle

Hozier’s other Danelectro is a custom U2 ’56 resonator we called Danny McSizzle. Danny has been the workhorse guitar on Like Real People Do, In A Week and It Will Come Back. It’s a lot to ask of a guitar to do 3 songs a night for 2 solid years on the road. Raven will provide some relief, even if it comes at the end of the tour.

Danny & Raven

Update: Danelectro USA posted photos of this glorious guitar.


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#TBT: February 25, 2016
Vienna: February 25, 2016
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