In A Week: May 15 to 21, 2016

In A Week is our look back at Hozier highlights and happenings from the previous week.

It was a very quiet week on the Hozier front. Let’s hope that the tranquility is fostering the creative space that he needs to write.


Rock Band released Take Me To Church as a downloadable track on May 17. Strangely, the game character resembles the main character from A Clockwork Orange more than Hozier. At least they got the music part right.


Hozier donated an illustration to Llamau, an organization that helps youth and vulnerable women facing homelessness in Wales. Their ‘Celebrity Illustrating Homelessness’ fundraising event was a great success, raising over £8,000 for the charity. Hozier’s illustration was purchased by Patricia in Lincoln, Nebraska for an undisclosed sum.

Hozier Explained

Though last week we said this wasn’t really a section, we’ve got another entry for it… so perhaps it will make an occasional appearance.

Hozier Tweeted this Yeats quote from the play, The Land of Heart’s Desire.

Prompting us to comment:

The quote also reminded us of what Hozier said when talking about Jackie and Wilson in Spotify’s Anatomy of a Song.


An entrant named Cherry Wine placed second at 17-1 odds in the 2016 Preakness Stakes in Baltimore, Maryland. This video proves that it is a fine looking high horse.



When Jasmine Thompson tweeted that her latest piano cover was Hozier’s Cherry Wine, he replied:

(Jasmine’s piece wasn’t the only great cover of Cherry Wine to be released this week.  Irish duo Hvmmingbyrd did a mashup of U2 With or Without You + Wyvern Lingo Used + Hozier Cherry Wine for The Eskies competition.)

Alana Henderson shared this beautifully animated video A Light Went Out: A Short Film About Mental Health in the Music Industry.

Alex Ryan was getting nostalgic about Yu Gi Oh. “#yeahimthatcool”

This here's what a real hero looks like. Terrifying. #yugioh #destinyhero #yeahimthatcool

A photo posted by Alex Ryan (@ajax_ryan) on

Mia Fitzgerald was enjoying exploring Dalkey Island while back home in Ireland again.

Dalkey Island! #ireland #sea #boat #island

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Rachael Lampa is “growing a human” and it looks great on her.

We growing things. B built a deck for our mini backyard house and I'm growing a human. 🏠🏆🍩 #studlife #bublife

A photo posted by Rachael Lampa (@rachaellampa) on


This week many familiar names from our Hozier’s Friends section were in Brighton for The Great Escape. This industry event features showcases all over the city.

Hozier labelmates Wyvern Lingo, Otherkin and Little Hours were there along with Saint Sister, Bleeding Heart Pigeons and Irish hip hop group, Rusangano Family (who were the darlings of the Music From Ireland showcase at SXSW).

Little Green Cars

After 3 gigs in Ireland, and with coffee as their fuel, Little Green Cars were off for a European leg of their tour to Leffinge, BEAmsterdam, NL, Germany and France. You can now find Little Green Cars on Snapchat.

Here’s a great performance and interview from The AOshow on iRadio that Little Green Cars recorded in Limerick.

Wyvern Lingo

Caoimhe Barry was featured in i-D magazine answering the question: What’s the most exciting thing about being a younger Dubliner in 2016?

Wyvern Lingo were busy with three showcases at The Great Escape in Brighton and a headlining show at the Islington in London.

Saint Sister

The video for Madrid was released this past week. Directed by Bob Gallagher, it stars Orla MacIntyre, Morgan’s sister. The video was out just in time for Saint Sister to head to the UK for a show at the Islington and two days at The Great Escape.

Madrid was selected as Video of the Moment by music blog There Goes The Fear and was track of the day on Folk Radio UK. And their live performance of Castles on Two Tube was released.


Zaska will be headlining Down With Jazz in a few weeks. But until then, Max dropped the sad news that Sweeney’s Bar will be closing. He’s played many gigs there, including the one below in 2011.

Pictured from left to right are: Kevin Higgins (bass, Mescalito), Dylan Lynch (drums, Little Green Cars), Hozier (Vocals), Sam Comerford (tenor sax, many projects), Max Zaska (guitar) and Karen Cowley (vocals, Wyvern Lingo).


BARQ will be playing Whelan’s on May 29 for the release of their single That Thing That You Love and have been dropping teasers all week.


Hozier’s old schoolmates Romes recently performed at Canadian Music Week in Toronto and did this interview with music blog A Perfect Playlist.

Jarlath Henderson

Jarlath’s album, Hearts Broken, Heads Turned is now available on iTunes. The album is also on the long list nominations for Scottish Album of the Year. Voting doesn’t begin until June 13, but you can preview a track here.

Thanks to all of our contributors with special thanks to @literarypengke and @Megn0481.

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Featured image: Screenshot – Rock Band

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  1. Always great to find out what Andrew and his fellow artist are up to!
    Love Andrews words re Jackie and Wilson, he has a way with words! I love the way he thinks, writes, plays guitar and sings!
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