In A Fortnight: May 22 to June 4, 2016

This edition covers a two-week period from May 22 to June 4, 2016. In A Week is our look back at Hozier highlights and happenings from the previous week.


Hozier was named one of 50 millennials shaping the future of modern Ireland. Also making the list were his friends Wyvern Lingo and actress Saoirse Ronan, who appeared in Hozier’s video for Cherry Wine.

Back in December 2015, Hozier was interviewed by Diana Bunici for her book Pursuit of Awesome.  Currently, his chapter is available for free online on her website.

Band Projects

Rory Doyle joined Our Cousin Paula in Paris on June 4 as the support act for The Corrs.


Last week, Hozier was the surprise guest on the Stoneface Films Podcast. Check out our coverage of both podcasts and his previous appearances.

Hozier on the Stoneface Films Podcast



While Hozier has been sharing the simple facets of summer, he made sure we knew he still lives life on the edge, breaking the rules.

Throwback to rebel antics #ladiesview #ladiesonly #breakingtherules shmad lad.

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Alana Henderson

Alana has had a busy two weeks filled with wine, sea, and weddings, but she managed to squeeze in some time for work scouting out locations for a potential new video. Also, fat cats are the best and the cup song is harder than it looks.

Getting schooled at 'cup song' by this babe… Can't teach an old dog…. #cupsong #newtrick #fail #skills #wellthen

A video posted by Alana Hart-Henderson. (@lanihendy) on

Lorraine Barnes

Lorraine continues to leave hints for fans about her upcoming projects.

Mia Fitzgerald

It’s the dog days of summer! Mia shared her adorable encounters with canine companions at the beach and in studio.  For Throwback Thursday, she shared new photos from the Hozier concert at Red Rocks on August 2, 2015.



Rachael Lampa

Rachael celebrated both Memorial Day and National Donut Day but every day is a celebration of her impending motherhood.

Oh, I did that. And it was good. #pregoperks #soweird #butgoodweird

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Rory Doyle

Rory took in familiar sights in Paris and commemorated fallen heroes.  And there’s a new member of the Doyle household!


A photo posted by @rorydoyledrums on


Little Green Cars

The band wrapped up their European Tour last week. Little Green Cars played gigs in Hamburg, Berlin and Cologne, Germany; Paris, France; Manchester, UK; and the Dot to Dot Festival.  While in the US in April, Little Green Cars recorded two songs with WFUV that were just published.

Stevie Appleby wasted no time getting back to work on his other artistic endeavors.

It starts again

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Wyvern Lingo

The band has a new booking agency, Art and Industry, for live dates in the UK, Europe, Asia and Austrailia.  Wyvern Lingo was added to the White Denim gig at Whelans on August 16.  Last week Wyvern Lingo made a surprise appearance providing background vocals for Saint Sister at the Unitarian Church. They have also been enjoying the sunshine.

Saint Sister

Saint Sister has had a very busy two weeks.  Watch their 360/Virtual Reality session with Radio Reverb, listen to their appearance on Pat Kenny Newstalk, and conversation with Electic Picnic.  Saint Sister played their headline concert at Unitarian Church in Dublin on May 27th to a sold out crowd.  They received excellent reviews of the concert as well as their gigs at The Great Escape. Friday, June 3, Saint Sister played Vantastival where Morgan discovered the downside to sunshine, followed by an evening gig at K-Fest on Saturday, June 4. Saint Sister will be supporting Soak in Derry on July 8th.

With half of Dublin at Croke Park to see Bruce Springsteen, Saint Sister treated their audience at the Unitarian Church to a lovely cover of Dancing in the Dark.

Saint Lingo

Just when you think neither Wyvern Lingo nor Saint Sister could sound better, they joined together with truly magical results.


This week Zaska plays Down With Jazz Festival Street Ceol TV published a new video session with Zaska. On Friday, Zaska played their last gig at Sweeney’s Bar.  A mainstay in the Dublin music scene, Sweeney’s  will be sorely missed.


BARQ launched their latest single That Thing You Love with a gig at Whelan’s on May 29.   They’ve received some fantastic press with glowing reviews , a Live Session with 102.3 FM and articles in the Irish Mirror and Hot Press. Next, they play Carlow Arts Festival.

Jarlath Henderson

Voting for Scottish Album of the Year Award shortlist begins June 13-15th.  Hearts Broken, Heads Turned was nominated to the longlist.

Thanks to all of our contributors with special thanks to @literarypengke and @Megn0481.

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Featured image: Mia Fitzgerald

Hozier on the Stoneface Films Podcast
Sneak Peek at new Hozier song 'Better Love' from The Legend of Tarzan
  1. Missed U but now I realize it is every fortnight.
    As ever brilliant!
    Love Little Green Cars- the song they play every night – beautiful!

  2. We’ll go back to publishing every week if there is enough happening. But it’s been very quiet lately, so we did a fortnightly post. Thanks for coming by. Always nice to hear from you.

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