In A Fortnight: June 19 to July 2, 2016

In A Fortnight and In A Week bring you the Hozier highlights and happenings you may have missed in the week or two just passed.



Hozier received the prestigious Silver Clef Raymond Weil International Award at a luncheon in London on Friday, July 1, 2016. We summed up the event in its own post:

Hozier Receives Silver Clef Award


With the Brexit results affecting everyone in the EU, Hozier has been asked his opinion on the referendum several times.  He shared his thoughts about Brexit in an interview with Billboard and on the red carpet.

Better Love Updates

Given the history at the legendary Abbey Road Studios, this tweet from them is pretty amazing:

Better Love has been added to a number of playlists including Spotify UK’s Singles of the Week and Apple Music’s Best of the Week. The song was also on this week’s “A” HitDisc which is distributed to radio programmers.

Band Projects

Rory Doyle performed with Bell X1 at la Fête de la Musique in Paris. Paul Noonan plays drums on the Bell X1 recordings, while Rory has played drums with them for their live performances. Here’s a great clip of the two playing drums together.


While in Los Angeles, Hozier attended an exhibition of Bob Dylan photos called Don’t Look Back by folk musician and legendary photographer Henry Diltz.


With Julian Lennon under the shadow of Bono.

Hanging with Hozier… Doesn't get much crazier than last night… 😉 x

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The latest episode of the Beats series, Gratitude, features Hozier speaking track-by-track about Van Morrison’s Astral Weeks.

Esquire Magazine‘s feature on Hozier is a good read: Hozier Ditches Church and Sets His Sights on Hollywood Instead.

The Legend of Tarzan

Hozier has had a busy few weeks doing promo in Los Angeles for his single, Better Love, and the movie The Legend of Tarzan.  We collected his whirlwind of media appearances and the film’s Los Angeles premiere into two posts:

Part 1

Hozier’s Media Promo for the L.A. Premiere of The Legend of Tarzan

Part 2

The Legend of Tarzan Premiere & Media

The European premiere of The Legend of Tarzan will be in London on July 5, 2016.

Fan Q&As

Reddit AMA

Then Hozier did his first AMA on Reddit.

Hozier’s First AMA

There was a very special reunion on Reddit too:

A Hozier Story: Coming Full Circle on Reddit

Twitter & Facebook Q&As

And the questions kept flowing for two more Q&A sessions held on the afternoon of The Legend of Tarzan premiere.

Hozier Does Two Q&A Sessions for Fans on Twitter and Facebook


Hozier wished his dad a Happy Father’s Day and had a high-school reunion in Los Angeles!

Alana Henderson took in her guilty pleasure, Rihanna, in Dublin, shared poetic architecture, performed textile surgery, and celebrated a friend’s birthday (with music, of course).

Alex Ryan shared his Fire Emblem Fates fanart.

Mia Fitzgerald was enjoying summer with friends and family with a BBQ on the beach.

Bbq time! #summer

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Rachael Lampa was thoroughly rebuffed when she tried to kiss Doug the Pug.

Rory Doyle took in the celebrations when Ireland won the match against Italy to win a spot in the final 16 in the Euro16.


Little Green Cars

Little Green Cars stopped by the Anton Savage Show on Today FM to promote their appearances at Folkfest Killarney on July 8 and the Iveagh Gardens, July 23. They had a chat and performed The Party and their cover of Galveston in-studio.  The band is also working on new music.

Demoing new music #littlegreencars

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Stevie Appleby continues to astound with his creative output.  He has finished another series of paintings.

Done #stevieappleby #art #littlegreencars #ephemera

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Wyvern Lingo

Wyvern Lingo played Interlude Fest on June 24 and Mother’s Pride Party in the Tivoli Theatre for Dublin Pride on June 25.  The band played Inspirefest on June 30.  But it hasn’t been all work; the band saw Rihanna in concert in Dublin and they’ve started a Spotify playlist of their favourite music.

The live sessions from Lamplight Studios are now on Spotify, including Sweet Life Ruiner and their covers of Alt-J’s Left Hand Free and Hozier’s Run.

Saint Sister

Saint Sister had a great review from Body & Soul Festival. Madrid was added to the BBC Radio 1 playlist.  Gemma also spoke with Alice Levine from BBC 1 on July 2. The band announced shows at Latitude Fest and in Poland!  Saint Sister had an amazing weekend at Glastonbury.  They played a fantastic set for BBC Introducing.  You can listen to live tracks from the festival from Huw Stephens and Across the Line.


It’s going to be a busy July for Zaska with four big festival appearances. He saw Earth, Wind, Fire perform in Dublin. Zaska rejoiced at Sweeney’s staying open. (That’s right. You read it correctly. Sweeney’s is saved!)


Hot Press came out with a couple of GIFs of their own. BARQ were invited back to Hot Press for chat for the next issue. They’ve put together a rocking playlist for Knockanstockan featuring a few familiar names. Gentle Kind of Lies was Song of the Week for Irish Music Party. BARQ played Interlude Fest on June 24.  Jess Kav lent her voice to Le Galaxie on July 2.

Stoneface Films

Released their newest showreel.


We’d like to give a shoutout to TXFM Dublin.  The station has been a major support for Hozier and many of the other bands that we cover under this Friends section. While they will not be going off the air until October, this week marked the end for so many wonderful shows.



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Featured image: By Jon Snyder for Esquire Magazine

The Legend of Tarzan Premiere & Media
Hozier's London Premiere of The Legend of Tarzan & Press Junket
  1. Andrew has had a busy couple weeks – nice for us fans as we get to see what he is up to.
    Better Love is absolutely beautiful and deserves to be on Apples Best of the Week!
    Enjoyed Rory’s drumming – he is the Best!
    Loves seeing the band and Andrews fellow ☘
    artists. Thanks HG

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