Hozier’s First AMA

Hozier hosted his first Reddit AMA tonight. He answered LOTS of questions and stayed an hour longer than scheduled.

To make it easier for people to read the whole unencumbered Q & A in one spot, we’ve pulled together this comprehensive wrap-up.

Click through on the time stamp or select ‘More comments’ to view the post in Reddit. (Here’s our how-to-Reddit post.)


reddit AMA

I’m Hozier, a singer-songwriter from Wicklow. AMA. from IAmA


Live now on @reddit with @willcady – Ask me anything at redd.it/4ppcd7

A photo posted by Andrew Hozier Byrne (@hozier) on


This post was modified from the original. The expanded story of this surprise reunion is now its own feature. A Hozier Story: Coming Full Circle on Reddit.

Thanks to all of our contributors with special thanks to @literarypengke and @Megn0481.

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Featured image: Hozier

(Almost) Everything You Need to Know About Hozier's Upcoming Reddit AMA
A Hozier Story: Coming Full Circle on Reddit
  1. HG you always come through for us – thank you so much! It was great fun to o read the q and a – thanks ❤️🇨🇦

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