Happy 2nd Anniversary HoziersGuitars.com!

Happy 2018 to you! And Happy 2nd Anniversary to HoziersGuitars.com!

This site was born out of a desire to create a central place for all things Hozier that we were publishing in different places on the web, in particular, stories around the tour, public appearances, his music, and bandmates.

When the tour ended in March 2016, we weren’t planning to continue with Hozier’s Guitars. With no tour happening and no new music for an undetermined time, what role could we possibly fill?

end of tour

The truth is, the fans convinced us to stay. Some of you told us how we had become an integral part of their Hozier fan experience. Others said that our absence would leave a void, just at the time when the man himself was going to “disappear for a while”.

In the 94 weeks since the end of the tour, we’ve done our best to keep you informed whenever Hozier has popped back into the public eye. In September 2016, we started regularly reporting on Hozier’s friends and bandmates as they toured and released new music. We all got to know their work better and we’re thrilled that many of Hozier’s fans became their fans too!

What’s next?

Like you, we are hopeful that 2018 will see the release of Hozier’s second album and subsequent tour.


2018 will also see new albums from Wyvern Lingo, Little Green Cars, Zaska, and Saint Sister. There will be more music on the way from Alana Henderson, Alex Ryan’s Black Fox Leash, Mia Fitzgerald’s Siights, and no doubt the rest of the gang in due time.

With all of this new music on the horizon, we’re re-thinking how we can best manage this site while still providing you with the information that matters the most.

As volunteers, we sometimes struggle to stay on top of everything. Over the last half of 2017, there have been some definite gaps in our publishing on this site and we’re not happy about it. So, here’s what will be changing in 2018.

Friends Updates

We’ll be launching a different Friends format in January. The Friends posts will combine the most relevant news from the gang that we follow. Our focus will be on new music and video releases, upcoming tours, and stand-out news, like awards or milestones.

Highlighting the most important news and concentrating on new creative projects will hopefully make a more enjoyable experience for you while giving us more flexibility in how and when we publish.

The current Friends news page will be transformed into an index where you’ll find links to follow them more closely and give them your support by buying some music.


Photo: Dara Munnis


Hozier Updates

For a site devoted to publishing reliable Hozier news and information, we definitely transgressed by failing to keep up with the Quarterly updates and special appearances in the latter half of 2017.

We let you down in our primary mission and for this we sincerely apologise.

The good news is that we have worked hard over the holidays to backfill the missing information and catch you up. You’ll have lots to peruse in the New Year with Hiatus Happenings for Q3-2017 and Q4-2017. Other posts are in production and will be coming shortly.

We plan to continue Quarterly Hozier updates and special event posts for as long as his hiatus continues.

Get Involved

Do you want to be part of the Hozier’s Guitars team? With all the great things planned for 2018 and the potential for a new Hozier album and tour, we could use a few more hands on deck to help out.

If you’re interested in volunteering, please complete this questionnaire to help us better understand your availability, skills, and interests and whether they match our current and future needs.

We hope you’ll like the changes that are coming. Please let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Thank you for your continued support and encouragement.

Thanks to the volunteers for keeping it lit.

From all of us at Hozier’s Guitars, we wish you and your loved ones a peaceful and music-filled New Year.

Hiatus Happenings: Q4 2017 October to December
Hiatus Happenings: Q1 2018 January to March
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  1. Thi’s my comment : you’ve been always very kind and available ,you’ve made a good job,you’re a good staff and i hope everything well for you and for Hozier’s music ,than you ! Happy New Year ! Forza ragazzi !

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