Little Green Cars

ABOUT: Old friends Little Green Cars supported Hozier on tour in the USA in autumn 2015. Singer-guitarist Stevie Appleby is also a visual artist. Faye O’Rourke & Susannah Appleby (Stevie’s sister) founded IMP Hour. Guitarist/pianist Adam O’Regan directed the 4 music videos from their last album, Ephemera. Drummer Dylan Lynch has been a member of Zaska.

News Archive

(From 2016 and 2017.)

July 7: Stevie Appleby was a guest on the Vega Chakra talks overthinking Tinder and making friends in the Dublin music scene. and  July 1: Little Green Cars played Ballymaloe Malt & Music Festival in Shanagarry, Co. Cork June 23: There’s an article about Little Green Cars recording their third album and an interview with Adam O’Reagan in Cork’s Evening Echo. If this article, their demo clip and Dylan’s excitement at Arcade Fire are anything to go by, this album might require some dancing shoes.  June 22: Dylan Lynch was the first guest on the Vega Chakra podcast. You can see the full hour-long video here. Or two shorter clips on his being an astrophile and on meeting Hozier through playing with Max Zaska and being friendsJune 16: Stevie Appleby performed some of his poetry, including Breakdown at a Urinal, at The Poetry Brothel as part of Bloomsday 2017. June 11: Little Green Cars have been recording in Co. Westmeath and giving snapshots of life there, passing the time. Reading and cats.

June 5: Adam O’Regan is posting a series of drawings to the Little Green Cars Instagram account. June 1: Announced Ballymaloe Malt & Music Festival in Shanagarry, Co. Cork on July 1. May 13: Stevie and his brothers Nick and Charlie played under the name The Berry Pickers at the Tivoli Apr 22: Adam O’Regan has launched a website featuring his work as a video director. Apr 19: Adam O’Regan directed the new GOTA video for Kelly.  Apr 17: Stevie’s lyric-aid in studio looks back at us. Apr 3: Stevie Appleby treated us to a mini-video from their time at Grouse Lodge. Apr 1: Little Green Cars are in studio at beautiful Grouse Lodge producing demos for their next album.   Mar 27: Adam O’Reagan released a music video for his solo song Soot starring his younger brother, Hugo.  Mar 25: Faye took over Today FM for Songs in the Key of Life and played some BARQMar 24: Adam O’Regan performed his own songs at the Spirit Store in Dundalk. His backup band, The Thursdays, comprised band-mates Dylan Lynch and Donagh Seaver-O’Leary, with James Smith from Gypsies On The Autobahn. Mar 11: Dylan Lynch was on the Vega Chakra podcast talking music, with mentions for Hozier, Karen Cowley and Zaska. Mar 10: Clair de Lune in a scene of  Love on  Mar 8Faye O’Rourke performed at The MAC, Belfast, NI in an International Women’s Day event called The Missing Voice. The event was captured for podcastMar 7: Faye O’Rourke and Jess Kav participated in a panel discussion This Woman’s Work about Irish Women and the Irish Music Industry with a host of talent Mar 6: Little Green Cars played Culture Vultures 3rd Birthday with John Boyne and Tony Clatyon Lea at Sound House, Dublin. Mar 4: Little Green Cars were added to The Women of Folk Spotify playlist. Mar 3: Dylan Lynch was laying down some monster beats with Zaska in studio.  Feb 24: Great interview with Stevie Appleby about Little Green Cars, music and poetry in Atwood Magazine. Feb 14: Little Green Cars announce their March 6 Culture Vultures gig. Feb 10: Little Green Cars released the outtakes from their Easier Day video, and they’re hilarious. Feb 6: Faye O’Rourke will be performing for International Women’s Day at The MAC in Belfast. Jan 24: Little Green Cars released a new song, Letting You Go, that premiered on as part of Amazon’s exclusive Valentine’s Day playlist that will stream as of Feb 3. Jan 14: Adam O’Regan directed the new video for Hidden by Gypsies on the Autobahn which also has a cameo from Faye O’Rourke. (The GOTA album was produced by Rob Kirwan, who also produced Hozier’s album.) Jan 11: IMP Hour, created by Faye O’Rourke & Susannah Appleby was a panel discussion on gender issues hosted by Stephen Byrne (RTÉ 2FM) with participants Kelly Harrington (Women’s Boxing Champion), Jess Kavanagh (BARQ), Carina Fitzpatrick (Free the Nipple campaign), Anna Cosgrave (REPEAL Project) and (announced on Jan 10) Hozier, followed by band Bitch Falcon and DJ by Soft Boy Records. Stevie Appleby donated 30 limited edition posters for the event. Money raised went to support the Dublin Rape Crisis Centre. Donagh Seaver-O’Leary from Little Green Cars was on hand helping with merch. Dec 22: Stuart Provan from Eagle 3 Radio in the UK chose Ephemera as his top album of 2016. Dec 19: Easier Day appeared at #48 on Nailler 9’s top 50 Irish songs of 2016 list. Dec 16 & 17: Little Green Cars played Vicar Street and were in fine form with humour and new songs in their set list, including one about Tinder. Dec 13: The Song They Play Every Night and Claire de Lune were nominated for Triple J’s Hot 100 in Australia Dec 8 to 20: Little Green Cars goes on a 10-stop Irish tour: Ennis, Limerick, Kilkenny, Cork, Galway, Newbridge, 3 nights in Dublin Dec 6: Great interview with The Thin Air appeared before the band’s string of Irish dates. Dec 6: Faye O’Rourke and Susannah Appleby (Stevie’s sister) launched the first IMP Hour Event to take place on Jan 11. Stevie Appleby has designed a limited edition print that will be available at the event. Dec 2: Stevie Appleby from Little Green Cars played a surprise solo set at Whelan’sNov 7: To mark the poem by W.B. Yeats that inspired the name Ephemera, Adam O’Regan produced this short film featuring lead vocalists Stevie Appleby and Faye O’Rourke, narrated by celebrated Irish writer, Colm Tóibín. The band has been in Wexford writing their next album.