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ABOUT: Patrick Ryan and Tommy Fitzgerald are Lagoon Pictures and are known for their acclaimed film, Darkness on the Edge of Town, with a score by Patrick’s brother, Alex Ryan. They have also produced music videos for Wyvern Lingo and Lorraine Barnes (Guerra). A long-time friend of Hozier, Patrick joined the band on stage to play guitar on Blackbird during the last gig of the tour in Istanbul on March 3, 2016.  See Alex Ryan for information on Black Fox Leash, their rockin’ collaboration.

News Archive

(From 2016 and 2017.)

June 24: Lagoon Pictures (and Stoneface Films) cinematographer, Tommy Fitzgerald brought beautiful light to MMA superstar Conor McGregor at his gym.

Apr 14: Patrick and Alex Ryan were back on the Stoneface Films podcast this week on the Wednesday and Friday episodes. Apr 8: Patrick and Alex Ryan were jamming like brothers do. Apr 7: Black Fox Leash released their first EP. Mar 21: New video shot by Lagoon Pictures for Síobhra Quinlan and her newly formed chamber ensemble the SFiiiNX Sinfonia. Mar 16: Lagoon Pictures produced the music video for Patrick and Alex Ryan’s collaboration as Black Fox Leash. The video for The Fire was written and directed by Patrick Ryan, with cinematography by Tommy Fitzgerald. Mar 7: Tommy posted a still from the video he shot for Black Fox Leash’s The Fire.  Feb 15-17: Tommy released 3 stills from Lagoon Pictures’ forthcoming film, Gemini. Jan 23: Tommy Fitzgerald, Director of Photography for both Lagoon Pictures and Stoneface Films launched a new portfolio website. Jan 10: Darkness on the Edge of Town makes its premiere in the UK on Flix Premiere on January 14. The film is available per view on the platform which has plans to expand to other European countries. Lagoon Pictures created 5 promos with actors Emma Willis, Emma Eliza Regan and Olwen Kelly, along with Alex Ryan and writer/director Patrick Ryan, below. Jan 4: Lagoon Pictures will see Darkness on the Edge of Town available for streaming on Flix Premiere from January 14. Dec 9: Darkness on the Edge of Town finished its run on Netflix in the USA and Canada.