An Amazing Year End for Saint Sister

Many of Hozier’s friends are considerably talented and have creative endeavours that are worth highlighting. In this, our first Friends post, we shine the spotlight on:

Saint Sister

Morgan McIntyre and Gemma Doherty are Saint Sister. Their debut EP, Madrid was released in November, and was co-produced by Alex Ryan (Hozier/bass) who also contributed drum programming, bass, recording and mixing to the project.

With the end of year “best of” mentions pouring in, it’s been an impressive few weeks for Saint Sister. After supporting Wyvern Lingo and O Emperor on their Irish tours this past autumn and selling out their first headline show at Whelan’s in December, the buzz around Saint Sister over the last two-weeks was enviable for any band:

Gigs Announced:

  • Saint Sister are playing Workman’s in Dublin on Friday, January 8th as part of First Fortnight
  • They head to Paris for the Festival A Nous Paris Fireworks this February.
  • In March, the duo will be at music industry showcases at SXSW in Austin, Texas, marking their first foray as a band to the United States.

With a fortnight like that, Gemma and Morgan deserved to celebrate on New Year’s Eve!


Here is Gemma Doherty singing backing vocals alongside Karen Cowley (Wyvern Lingo) with Alex Ryan on bass and Hozier on lead vocals in his last performance with the Trinity Orchestra.

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