Guide to the Fan-To-Fan Hozier Ticket Forum

What is this?

The Hozier’s Guitars Fan-To-Fan Ticket Forum is here to help fans with extra tickets to a Hozier show to find other fans who missed out when tickets went on sale.

We allow you to find each other. You take the rest from there.

How does it work?


From the Forum’s Home page, REGISTER for an account so that you can post and reply.

  • Choose your username (public)
  • Enter your email
  • Validate your account by clicking on the link in the email you receive and setting a new password

(26/09/2018: We are currently debugging a hiccup in the sign up. If you experience difficulty in this process, we ask for your patience. If you’d like to help us, please send an email with a screenshot or two and a brief description of what went wrong, to: Thank you.)


Find your specific show in the Forum and SELECT it.

To make a new post, select ADD NEW TOPIC.

    SUBJECT: OFFER – #tickets
    BODY: Price + additional information
    Choose to SUBSCRIBE to this post to be notified of responses
    SUBJECT: SEEK – #tickets
    BODY: Additional information
    Choose to SUBSCRIBE to this post to be notified of responses

To reply to an existing post, select it and choose REPLY in the upper corner.

Does Hozier’s Guitars make money from this?

No. Hozier’s Guitars is not involved in any financial transactions and makes no money from this Forum. We simply allow fans to connect for their own private transactions to find or sell tickets.

What’s Hozier’s Guitars policy on pricing?

We believe in honest, fair, and transparent transactions.

Sellers may ask no more than what they paid for the ticket (face value + fees) or (the resale price they paid). Buyers may ask for proof of payment from the seller before agreeing on the price.

No profiteering allowed. No scalpers. No touts. No price gouging. Don’t take advantage of your fellow fans.

Is it safe to list my ticket for sale on the Forum?

Never, ever…. EVER… post a public photo of your ticket with the bar code showing to this Forum or social media. ALWAYS cover the barcode. That’s how scammers reproduce fake tickets.

Other than that, exercise your best judgement when dealing with strangers on the Internet.

Is it safe to buy tickets from people on the Forum?

Although we have faith in humanity and the goodwill of Hozier’s fans, we must also caution you to purchase tickets from private sellers at your own risk.

Hozier’s Guitars urges you to use common sense and caution when buying tickets from people on the Forum. Here are some things to be aware of:

FAKES:  Just like when people buy from secondary outlets, like StubHub, ticket scams abound. Please be careful that you won’t be disappointed by a fake ticket at the entrance. Read the fine print from the issuing ticket company.

  • Here is Ticketmaster’s guide to spotting fake tickets. Another site advises:
  • Check the spelling, printing quality, and that words aren’t abbreviated. Be wary of comma’s on dates and spaces between times as well because this can indicate a fake ticket.
  • Log onto the website link associated with the event on your ticket. If it leads you to nowhere you’ll know that you’ve got a dupe.
  • When you’re buying multiples for your friends or family the serial number under the barcode should be consecutive with the seat numbers.
  • This Dutch site has many helpful tips on how to check if the seller is real, particularly if they are selling via social media. If you don’t understand Dutch, simply copy/paste the text from the page into Google Translate for a decent approximation of the advice.

PROOF OF PAYMENT AT ENTRY: Be aware that some paperless ticketing systems require the credit card that paid for the tickets be presented at the door. Ask your seller if they will be at the show to present the card, in case there are any problems. Read the fine print from the issuing ticket company.

How should we make payment arrangements?

Use whatever method you feel would best protect you against fraud.

  • Cash at the venue is one option.
  • If you wish to make arrangements remotely, some people use PayPal for their buyer/seller protection policy. Read it to know if and how you would be protected.

What are the Terms of Conduct on the Fan-To-Fan Ticket Forum?

No abusive or slanderous language is allowed.
Professional conduct and communication is expected of you.
No sharing offensive or inappropriate material.
No spamming.
No sharing materials that belong to someone else, unless you have their permission.

Hozier’s Guitars has the right to ban any Forum user who does not abide by the Terms of Conduct, Guidelines, or Rules set out above.

Hozier’s Guitars takes no legal responsibility for transactions conducted via this Forum.

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