Mia Fitz / SIIGHTS

ABOUT: Mia Fitzgerald played keyboards, guitar, percussion & vocals on the Hozier tour from July 2014 to March 2016. Mia is a multi-instrumentalist (keys, guitar, bass, drums), vocalist, producer and engineer. She is currently collaborating with Toni Etherson as SIIGHTS

News Archive

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May 28: SIIGHTS created a playlist of their favourite chill-out music on Spotify. May 16: SIIGHTS released their acoustic version of Lights Out.  May 12: SIIGHTS are featured in Fame Magazine  May 5: SIIGHTS released Lights Out on iTunes and Spotify In addition, their collaboration with DJ E5QUIRE passed 100,000 plays within a month. May 4: SIIGHTS did a Facebook Live session. May 3: Joe.ie makes Lights Out their song of the dayMay 2: Nialler 9 debuts Lights Out, calling it ‘urgent earworm pop“. Apr 28: SIIGHTS announce that their first single will be Lights Out expected May 5. Apr 24: There will be new music coming soon from SIIGHTS. Apr 12: SIIGHTS has released a collaboration with Sir Felix Music, Let It Go. Apr 9: Mia was back in studio and tracking piano. Apr 7: Always was added to Spotify’s Hot New Dance Tracks playlist. Apr 4: Lovin Dublin named SIIGHTS one of 13 female artists (along with BARQ and Loah) to listen to. Apr 3: Mia and Toni collaborated with E5QUIRE on the new dance track Always, released today.  Mar 14: SIIGHTS launched their new website with a flash sale on their merch. Mar 8: Mia and Toni were in New York for a few days. Feb 23: SIIGHTS were back in studio again.  Feb 14: SIIGHTS released a stripped back cover of Live Forever.  Feb 2: SIIGHTS released a video that showcases their new merch using their yet-to-be-released track Always with E5QUIRE, and a giveaway planned for the weekend. Jan 16: SIIGHTS released a remix of their song Dance by DJ E5QUIRE along with a new video cut from behind the scenes videos that Mia and Toni took over last year.  Jan 7 – 10: In studio with a vintage harmonium. Dec 31: Named an emerging act to watch by Jim Gallatly in the Scottish Sun. Dec 28: SIIGHTS named as one of the best new Irish artists in 2016 by The Irish Times. Dec 25: Mia and Toni posted their Christmas greetingDec 22: A new song is coming from SIIGHTS in 2017 and they’ve been laying tracks in studio. Dec 16: SIIGHTS posted the audio for At Christmas on SoundCloudDec 11: Mia celebrated her birthdayDec 12: SIIGHTS released a new song on Facebook video called At Christmas. If you’ve ever lost someone you loved, you’re going to need some tissues. Dec 5: SIIGHTS (Mia Fitzgerald and Toni Etherson) held a Facebook Live chat & jam session, playing stripped back versions of Dance and Lights Out and announcing they’ll be releasing something new next week. The video of people jumping into Brazilian sand dune pools using Dance as the soundtrack has received more than 8 million views since it was released on November 27Nov 26: Mia and Toni performed a Live Lounge session from Mia’s studio in Dublin for Radio One Lebanon. The station also used SIIGHTS’ new song Dance as the soundtrack to a video of people jumping into Brazilian sand dune pools, which racked more than 3 million views in 36 hours. Nov 18: Mia Fitzgerald released a video for funky dance-pop song, Dance, with collaborator Toni Etherson as SIIGHTS. According to this interview, “Mia played all the live instruments on the track in the studio, and both Toni and Mia sing vocals.” You can follow them on social channels as @siightsofficial.